Trauma Therapy

Trauma is something we all experience. However, it is the intensity of experience, and the degree of impact on our lives that differs.

In my work with trauma I utilize the CRM (Comprehensive Resource Model) & DBR (Deep Brain Reorienting) methods to support clearing the tension and feeling that arises from past painful experiences. These painful experiences come up in the moment as a result of reations to here-and-now events. If we pay attention to these tenisons and emotional reactions, and s-l-o-w down the process of internal muscular and emotional reaction, whilst using resources (breathing, visualisation) to support oursleves, we can take greater control over the process that unfolds, and begin to create flow in the frozen trauma reactions that affects our lives.

DBR - Beep Brain Reorienting Therapy

CRM - Comprehensive Resource Model

Childhood Window of Tolerance

When working with PARTS of ourselves, we need to travel to the childhood stage to resolve our own trauma. As adults, we need to respond to our own inner children, and to the children in our lives. There may be a similarity in the response between the inside and the outside. 

Check out this animation from Beacon House.