Mental Fitness for children & young people

Mental health support tool kit

Mental health is a key ingredient in helping children to become successful learners, confident individuals, and effective contributors to society. Without robust mental health, children and young people are at risk of encountering a range of difficulties. 

But how do we support the development of positive mental health? Can we help children and young people who are struggling develop Mental Fitness? Can workers benefit as we learn & teach?

While this one-day course does not train you to become a mental health professional, it will enhance your available tool-kit to support the mental fitness of children & young people.

Key Learning

What is mental Fitness and why focus on this term? Introducing a tools-based approach to Mental Fitness?
  • Interpersonal tools – relational approaches (empathy, presence, compassion, attunement)
  • Intrapersonal tools – breathing; visualization; self-awareness; self-assessment)
  • Cultivating a culture of reflectivity
Impact of toxic stress and early life adversity (‘Adverse Childhood Experiences’) Approaching children & young people with trauma in mind. Secondary stress and self-care