Morning Routine

How Do YOU Start YOUR Day?

  • Do you roll out of bed and get stuck into social media and let the day control you? 
  • Do you have a partial routine that helps you to take the day on?
  • Do you have a highly developed morning routine that really supports you to negotiate the day ahead?

For me, morning is where it all begins for the day ahead, and my work involves supporting others, so for me, it is vitally important to think about what I NEED. So, what do I need?

My Morning Routine

Check List

1. Start the night before: establish a regular bed-time; five up social media 1 hour before bed; design a calm place to sleep.


LIVESTRONG – 9 Tips to help you wake up with more energy.


Robin Sharma is someone who knows about morning routines. Ok, he talks about how Billionaires start their days, but if we look past the monetary marketing tag for a moment, there is some soul value in what he says. Click through and scroll down for the video.