Covid 19 - Resources to Survive and Thrive

What we are dealing with...?

The recent Coronavirus Global Pandemic has affected millions of human beings in similar and different ways. The question of what we can do to cope and to serve comes up for me: for example, when we are at home, isolated, anxious, overwhelmed with the balance between family commitment and work-load, or dealing with grief and loss. How we can be of service to our families and neighbours – those next door or in our virtual communities – whilst supporting ourselves

This resource page is building over time – check out below for the newest developments. Let me know if you have suggestions?

Sister Resource Page

Movement Matters

Something Different

Tara Brach - Opening the heart thro' Covid-19

Summary of Themes

Empathy for people; opening the body to the paradox of possibility; awakening of viral compassion; create a clearing in the dense forest of your life; attending to the inner self; awakening. 

Bessel Van Der Kolk Coping & 'The New Normal'.

Summary of Empowering themes:

Create structure & predictability; know what you can’t control; choose your own reactions; move your body; feel your strength; cook and produce food; share yourself online; ask yourself, ‘what can I trust’?; 

Hatching Creativity


When we are tired, our brains are full, and we have reached the limits of logical thinking, we can evoke ideas that lie outside the logical. Click through to find out how you can unleash what is possible.

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