Douglas Sharp

Managing Anxiety

Many of us struggle with anxiety. This can be overwhelming at times – even just the thought of anxiety can send us in to fight, flight, or freeze. There are proven ways to cope with anxiety. Below are some of the ways I like to approach anxiety. 1. Tolerating uncertainty – through being in the here and now. …

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Felt Sense Exercise

In the process of healing trauma, when we focus on the felt sense, observing both closely and from a distance, we can find revelations about how to undo the trauma.

Mental Imagery in Sport

I had a fascinating discussion over Chicken Biryani with the recently crowned, under 23, 2018 Scottish Kick Boxing Champion, Scott McAlpine. I began by asking him the question, ‘what does Mental Fitness mean to you’? He said, ‘do you mean, how you prepare yourself for training or an event’? I said, ‘well, yes, let’s begin right there’.

Can Anger Be Good?

I practice as a psychotherapist. I move my body daily – cycling, stretching, walking, lifting. I use anger to give me momentum, so I like anger. I try to help people to express their rage through personalised forms of anger management. I also value diversity, equality, and liberation of self.