Psychotherapy & Well-being Consultancy

My Approach

How do I work?

I am a Gestalt trained  psychotherapist. 

I hold the view that people are shaped and coloured by experience from their past. This past is brought to life by the environments we negotiate each day. Challenging environments that need to be negotiated will, at times, feel impossible to get through, or get through well. 

I believe that we are not just stuck with the resources we have but, instead, we can increase our personal tool-box, with awareness. From this position we can make better choices and take action to influence the next step on our journey. This is the power we can have regardless of the context; family, work, or the wider world.

How may I help you?

Individual psychotherapy and work-based consultation have the same basis. Raising awareness through different methods and forums to make better choices, and create change. Therapy is a more personal space to find your inner parts and bring them to life. Coaching is more about finding yourself in a professional context and working towards your professional goals, with a mind on the process all of the time.

Talking therapy

Are you feeling stuck, anxious, depressed, angry, grieving? Do you want to explore more about how you interact with people in the world and the reciprocal effect of relationships? Gestalt Therapy is an effective way to raise awareness and make the choices we want, in order to create the changes we need.

Professional Coaching & Training

Do you want to reach a work-based set of goals? Do you want to improve your well-being at work? Do you want to understand more about your own leadership style, skill-knowledge-value base, and / or your interaction with colleagues? I offer training on Mental Fitness, and facilitate Critical Reflection groups. Mental Fitness is a positive and measureable idea that supports working towards a well-being culture. Critical Reflection offers an opportunity to understand the systems we work within, raises awareness of interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics, and supports action based change.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma is something we all experience. However, it is the intensity of experience, and the degree of impact that differs. I work with CRM (Comprehensive Resource Model) & DBR (Deep Brain Reorienting) methods to support clearing this trauma and experiencing relief from painful experiences.

Work With Me

 All people are different. I start where you are at in your life. Together, we try to understand what you need and where you want to go.