Well-Being for
Individuals and Organisations

Quote of the day:

‘We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us’ – Joseph Campbell

Actively coping with the practical and psychological journey of Coronavirus requires resources.

My colleagues and I are actively developing resource pages that aim to help with issues that arise from the process and effects of Coronavirus. We offer support and resources for people to carry on with life whilst creating a ‘new normal’.  We also offer therapy.

Are you feeling stuck or experiencing difficult emotions?

Do you want to explore more about how you interact with people in the world and consider the reciprocal effect of relationships past and present? Gestalt Therapy is an effective way to raise awareness and make the choices we want so we can create the changes we need.

Do you work with or manage people who suffer from trauma?

Workplace Resilience is supported by an attitude and practice of Self Care. The term Vicarious trauma (VT) is an emotional reaction that occurs through indirect exposure to someone else’s traumatic experiences. I offer training on understanding trauma and building effective ways to cope.

Trauma Therapy​

Trauma is something we all experience. However, it is the intensity of experience, and the degree of impact that differs.

I work with CRM (Comprehensive Resource Model) & DBR (Deep Brain Reorienting) methods to support internal attachment and the clearing of trauma symptoms. This supports relief from painful experiences.

Mental Fitness for Organisations

This course was originally delivered to athletic coaches. I have since delivered this to schools and social service staff. 

It is well known that without robust mental health we are at risk of encountering emotional difficulties. Mental Fitness is a positive and measurable way of  working towards creating a well-being culture in all organisations. 

Movement Matters

Do you move enough?

My life is based around movement, and I encourage everyone I enounter to ‘get moving’. If this is a morning routine, an hourly reminder to reconnect with source, and/or planning longer-term goals based on movement – this could be working in a different way or a moving holiday.

Critical Reflection Groups

Developing a ‘Culture of Reflection’ in the workplace underpins good workplace mental health and fitness. Critical Reflection offers an opportunity to understand ourselves and the systems we work within. Using this process we raise awareness of our own position, power, and assumptions. With this awareness, we can better support action-based change.

Student Development

I am a registered social worker and Independent Practice Educator. I support, educate, and assess BSc & Masters University students through their Social Work practice placements. 

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My View and Approach:

What affects us?

Challenging environments need to be negotiated all through our lives, so we need to learn how they affect us. 

In Relationships: Your past may be triggered by your present interactions with a person or persons and this is affecting your functioning.

At Work: You may be taking on a new challenge and need coaching support to take the next step; you may be feeling fearful or unhappy and need to explore your options.

On the inside: You may have a strong inner critic. You may find it hard to tolerate emotions. You make be struggling to make decisions. You may have a lack of resources to take next steps.

What can we do?

Raising Awareness: This is the baseline.

Awareness of thoughts, emotions, and actions of ourselves and others, can support us to choose the best response for our next steps. 

Compassionate Understanding:

If we aim to cultivate an ‘understanding of’ ourselves and others we can begin to view the situation with greater clarity and fairness.

Compassionate Responding: 

When we are able to show ‘understanding for’ ourselves and others the relationship with self and others begins to change for the better.


What options do we have?

  • Get to know yourself in the present
  • Raise awareness of your thoughts, feelings & actions
  • Consider your power, intention & choices
  • Explore next steps towards desires / goals
  • Increase your personal tool-box and apply new & sustainable methods:
  1. Breathing
  2. Visualization
  3. Internal Attachment Resourcing
  • Become aware of our triggered parts & work to clear personal trauma
  • Work one to one, or work in a group with me using Liberating Structures inquiry
  • Work online using Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts